Hello California ELA Teachers. If you are purchasing an English Language Arts Program, here are some resources about EMC's Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature program.

Sample Chapters

Take a look at these sample chapters to see actual content of the Mirrors & Windows textbook. The Unit 1 Fiction sample is from Level II Grade 7. The Unit 3 Nonfiction sample is from Level III Grade 8.

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Mirrors & Windows California Brochure

This brochure highlights the top ten reasons why EMC's Mirrors & Windows ELA Program is the best choice for California.

Click here to see the California Brochure

EMC Access Editions Novels

Our Access Editions novels and full-length plays offer a wide range of extended independent reading. These literary works include a complete study apparatus with close reading support and related nonfiction and informational texts.

Click here to learn more about our Access Editions.
Click here to see samples of our Access Editions.

CA CCSS Correlations

These standards map correlations list how our program aligns 100% with the California Common Core State Standards.

Click here to see the CA CCSS Correlations

ELD Correlations

Mirrors & Windows is also 100% aligned with the California English Language Development Standards and offers differentiated instruction to support students learning English as a new language.

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ELD Sample Lessons

Click here to see our California ELD sample lessons brochure (Middle School)

Click here to see our California ELD sample lessons brochure (High School)

Range of Selections

The Range of Readings lists the contents in each level by genre for our entire ELA Program. See why the California Adoption Review panel said, Mirrors & Windows has "...the best range of literature we've ever seen."

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