Every language arts publisher can say they have great literature, but only EMC School has Passport®.
Built from the ground up, EMC School has uniquely designed Passport® for your language arts classroom. It's built to be intuitive and extremely user-friendly while the social media look and feel instantly clicks with students. Easy-to-use, Passport® helps students focus more on the content while the discussion tools engage and help them to dive deeper into the curriculum and connect with fellow classmates.

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Expository Composition

Expository Composition

EMC’s Expository Composition: Discovering Your Voice includes a complete chapter devoted to online writing, with descriptions and student and professional writing models of digital writing types such as blogs, micro-blogs, social networks, texting, e-mail, and e-mags. The new Expository Composition Internet Resource Center provides additional support materials and links to the interactive Discovering Your Voice online companion with additional writing models, journal topics, writing activities and tips, videos, and community forums.