EMC Applied Learning

Our position as an innovator in the educational field is a result of our teaching tools, assessment techniques, and multimedia products, which reflect engaging technology and best practices in curriculum and instruction in Applied Learning

Computer Applications

Advance your students in critical Microsoft skills with our extensive computer applications offerings. Choose a teaching approach that best fits the needs of your classroom.

Business Education

Drive your students' success with our resources using the latest teaching concepts and computer software in future technology, accounting, legal, and other professions.

Applied Science

Empower your students with applications of anatomy, physiology, and biotechnology using real-world textbooks and lab manuals along with hands-on laboratory procedures.

Financial Literacy

Expand your students' understanding of ever-changing events as well as fundamental concepts of Social Studies. Our textbooks balance core structures with an emphasis on current events.

Career & Life Skills

Enrich your students with our Career and Life Skills learning solutions providing essential career and living skills in a real-world context.