Our story began in 1954 in the basement of a home on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota. A group of recording specialists and university professors joined forces to develop some of the first educational reel-to-reel tape recordings ever to be used in the classroom.

By June, the company was operating out of a small office and studio facility at 806 East Seventh Street in St. Paul. The first few years were difficult as EMC was pioneering a new educational technology. In general, schools were not yet ready for tape recordings as a teaching tool. However, factories and industries were increasingly making use of audiovisual aids – tapes and filmstrips – for training and promotions in the workplace. For a time, EMC shifted emphasis from the production of classroom materials to the development of audiovisual training and sales presentations for industrial clients, but continued to offer educational recordings to the school market.

A dramatic change

Major shifts in the industry came with the National Defense Education Act of 1958, which provided schools with federal funds for new electronic teaching equipment and educational audio-lingual materials.

Through EMC's early pioneer efforts in programming for the classroom, several leading textbook publishers commissioned the company to produce tape-recorded materials to accompany their world language texts. Within the next ten years, EMC was producing and manufacturing both tapes and sound filmstrips for a growing number of major educational publishers. In 1966, EMC resumed development of its own proprietary educational products.

"The successful history of EMC is due to our team's dedication and ability to evolve with the modern needs of the classroom."
- Mick Demakos, CDO
EMC School
EMC School headquarters, St. Paul, Minnesota

Over the years, EMC has grown steadily into one of the nation's leading producers and marketers of programs for K-12 and post-secondary schools throughout the country. EMC is a division of Carnegie Learning, Inc.—a diversified education company devoted to overseeing the continued development and growth of five prominent and established brands: EMC School, Paradigm Publishing and JIST Publishing. Each brand provides traditional print and technology products and services for a wide range of learning needs including world language, secondary and post secondary technical/computer applications training, career counseling, life skills and job search guidance.

"As a nation, we face a series of challenges related to our world language deficit. Our focus will be to help world language educators meet these challenges by providing them with a simple and engaging learning environment that's easy to use and builds student competency."

- Eric Cantor
CEO, New Mountain Learning

New Mountain Learning currently publishes print and electronic educational materials under three imprints:

EMC School offers K-12 textbook programs in World Languages, Business Education, Literature and Language Arts, and Financial Literacy with supplementary and multimedia materials.

Paradigm Education specializes in post-secondary publishing, offering textbook programs in Computer Technology, Health Careers, Biotechnology Accounting, Business Technology, Distance Learning, and Career Management with supplementary and multimedia materials.

JIST Publishing is the leading publisher of award-winning materials on job-search, career exploration, occupational information, life skills, and character education.

EMC promises to grow with the changing needs of learners and educators—and with education and technology. Thank you for being our partner in education!